Zandu - Zandopa 200 g

Contains Mucuna puriens, an herb effective for Parkinsson's disease. 

A unique product for parkinsonism 
Zandopa Readily bioavailable natural source of L-Dopa. 

Better Tolerability. 
Suitable for longterm use. 

In parkinson's disease Zandopa a natural source of dopamine. 
Suggestion for Parkinson's Disease Patient 
Appropriate treatment helps to keep the patient working and enjoying active life for many years. 
With proper medication, patience, and perseverance to stay active, your sign and symptoms can be controlled for many years. 

Zandopa got approved by the United Food and Drug Administration(FDA).

Always allow ample time for each day to day activity so that you need not hurry. 
Do not get discouraged if exercises or activities seem difficult on some days. 
Do every thing you can yourself, no matter how slowly. 
Concentrate on one activity at a time, and avoid trying to do two things at one time. 
Continue a simple program of exercises on a regular basis. 


As directed by the physician. Please consult our doctor for dosage.

Directions for use:

- In a half glass of water (approx. 100ml) suspend prescribed dose of Zandopa Powder, stir and drink immediately. A measure of 7.5gm (approx.) is provided in the container.
- L-dopa content of Zandopa powder is readily soluble in water. Patients finding difficulty in swallowing of the bulk may be advised to stir the powder in water for nearly one minute. Clear solution thus obtained may be consumed by the patient.
- Not to be taken with milk.

Keep the continer tightly closed. 
Keep out of reach of children. 


Each 7.5g contains : 
Standardised processed seed-powder of Mucuna pruriens Bak. . . . 6.525g in a flavoured base. 

More information about Parkinson's disease:

Natural products treat not only the symptoms but the body as a whole; absorption and results may take time.

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Zandu - Zandopa Powder 200 g

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