Nisha Herbals - Savitol Powder 60 Capsules

Nisha Herbals - Savitol Powder 60 Capsules
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Nisha Herbals - Savitol Powder 60 Capsules

What is Safed Musali? Safed Musali is a rare divine-graced herb to offer all the effects required for achievement of health par excellence or for attaining the ultimate positive health i.e., Balya - provides energy to each cell, Rasayana (rejuvenates) the entire body mind soul complex, Vrishya- effectuates both qualitative and quantitative increase in Shukra the terminal dhatu of the seven physiological systems (dhatus) .Empowered with all these properties Safed Musali endows the user with a state of the physical harmony - the equipoise of Dosha-Dhatu-Mala so as to render this microcosm to interplay in symphony with the macrocosm. This state of harmony is known as the ultimate repose of human.


General Weakness, Weight Loss, Tiredness, Joint Pains.



Eat 1 spoon ful Savitol Granules twice a day with tea or milk.



Safed Musali - 20%, Sugar 80%, Added natural flavouring agent.


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